Mundo dos Fatos - Comércio Vestuário, LDA. Headquartered in Zona Industrial 1 - Lote 10, 4560-144 Penafiel Portugal. Denominated simply as Suits Inc, and on the other hand, the Suits Inc client, qualified at the time of purchase. Denominated simply as Client.

Considering Suits Inc, performs sale of garments and services over the Internet, using its channels and considering the Customer interest in purchasing the products offered by, via its sales channels.

This contract is there by to establish the general conditions of use and purchase of products and services to the client of Suits Inc.

Confidentiality: It is of responsibility by Suits Inc, the preservation and confidentiality of all data and information provided by the customer upon purchase.

Customer Service: It is provided by Suits Inc to customer the service of clarifying and accept any of his questions, requests or complaints about any application or content available on the website. The Customer Service can be activated by telephone, form on the website or sending e-mail to

Delivery policy: The deadline for submission of items is informed during the purchase procedure, recorded on weekdays. Deliveries of products are carried out from Monday to Friday, setting aside weekends and holidays.

Note: If upon delivery the box is opened or destroyed, the client shall refuse accepting the volume and get instantly in touch with the Customer Services.

After completion of the order, the client will not be able to change the form of payment, delivery address, request advance or even priority delivery.

Delivery time is given during the purchase procedure, taking into account the "stock" available, the region, the invoice issuance process and product preparation time. Every update to the "status" of submission, the system of automatically sends e-mail alerts to the Customer.

The value of the delivery is calculated based on the delivery address, weight and dimensions of the items.

The Suits Inc does not allow the carrier to:

  • Enter the client home;
  • Deliver by alternative means;
  • Open the packaging of the article;
  • Perform a different delivery address, than that stated on the waybill;

Right to repentance: Customer will be permitted exercising the right to regret the purchase, for the only purpose of returning the clothing accessories. In which case the following conditions must be met:

  • The deadline for withdrawal of purchase is 14 (fourteen) days from the date of issue of the invoice;
  • In case of return, the product must be returned to Suits Inc in its original packaging accompanied by the respective invoice and all of its accessories.

The Customer shall request the return through the Customer Service Center or directly on the website using "My Account", choosing "Order History", going to "Details" and selecting the item or items for exchange or return. The customer will have to explain during this procedure, whether to make an exchange and for what wish to trade or full refund of the products. Expenditure resulting from exchange or return of the products, will be taken care by the Client.


Exchanges and Returns policy
The product must be returned to Suits Inc in the original packaging, accompanied by invoice and all its items, in case of exchange or refund, the articles belonging to this effect.

After the arrival of the items to the distribution center, Suits Inc will examine whether the conditions above have been fulfilled. If so, we will set to arrange the refund or exchange the items according to the request made by the Customer.

Suits Inc is exempt from the obligation to meet requests for exchange or refund if any of the returned products were not declared to the Customer Service or direct requested on the website under "My Account" and being after the deadline or absence of any items.

Terms of delivery and payment method

Payment by Bank Transfer: The deadline for delivery is considered from receipt of payment by the bank. Confirmation is carried out within three business days from the payment. This method is the most time-consuming service.

Payment by Paypal: The deadline for delivery is considered from the payment confirmation.

Payment at the Delivery Act: The deadline for delivery is considered so be checked if there is stock of articles or requests by the Customer.

Payment by ATM: The deadline for delivery is considered so that the amount of the payment is confirmed, corresponds with the purchase.